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Who We Are

Our Pastors

Clarance and Debbie are more than senior pastors at Destiny C3

They are parents, not only to their four boys – Ethan, Joshua, Judah and Noah, but also to the church at large. Both are graduates of the C3 Bible College in Sydney, where they received the vision and call to plant this church. Obedient to their call and the voice of the Holy Spirit, Clarance and Debbie reflect the deep intimacy with God that they preach.

Our Journey

Our journey has been paved with one supernatural miracle after another. Prayer and worship has been our cornerstone; our vision was simply to build lives rooted in God’s Presence.
Here’s the path we walked:

Christian Life Centre Malaysia (CLC) became part of the C3 (Christian City Church) movement, under the leadership of Pastors, Phil & Chris Pringle.

Clarance & Debbie, who served as the Associate Pastor and Worship Director, respectively, at CLC, were invited to attend the C3 Bible College Sydney to learn the culture and vision of the movement.

During their year at C3 Bible College, they heard God speak to them about planting a church in Malaysia, specifically in Subang.

Pastors, Clarance and Debbie, with a team of seven and the blessings of their then Senior Pastors, Joe and Stella Ramayah, took that step of faith to plant a church.

C3 Subang was birthed in January with supernatural blessing in finances and even the location.

Rebranding of C3 Subang to DestinyC3

Our Culture

DestinyC3 is all about relationships - with God and each other.

That means keeping it real! If you are imperfect like the rest of us, you’ll feel right at home here! We also know that a big part of relationships is creating connections that are fun, warm and friendly. A church is not a building; it builds and empowers the people within. We want to be a church that reaches out – no different than a family!

Our Values


God’s Presence changes lives; that is at the core of what we believe. Our heart is for every person who steps into this church to have a personal encounter with God. Because when you do, you discover a beautiful truth: You carry God’s Presence!

Power, Signs & Wonders

When you carry God’s Presence, you carry His power. That means, God’s supernatural power, signs and wonders can be an everyday occurrence. God still heals, restores, and blesses – all he needs is a willing vessel to bring His miracles to life; that vessel is You!

Equip & Empower

You have a destiny and purpose to be a channel of God’s love, power and presence. You are called and we want to help you discover your best life. We believe in equipping and empowering every believer so they discover their identity in Christ and step out with their God-given authority.


Doing church in DestinyC3 goes beyond Sundays. We want to impact our community; that’s you! When you are transformed, then you will begin to transform others too. Our hope is for every believer within our church to shine a light outside our walls. We want our church to reflect Jesus in every way, starting with You.