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Destinyc3 Subang Worship Ministry is a vibrant and dynamic worship department within the Destinyc3 Church community. The church itself is known for its welcoming atmosphere, drawing people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to come together in worship and fellowship

The Worship Ministry at Destinyc3 Church places a strong emphasis on creating an authentic and intimate atmosphere where individuals can connect with God through music, singing, and prayer. They believe in the power of worship to transform lives and inspire spiritual growth.

Led by a team of skilled and passionate worship leaders, musicians, and vocalists, the ministry strives to create a diverse and engaging worship experience. They incorporate a mix of contemporary and traditional worship songs, carefully chosen to reflect biblical truths and encourage congregants to participate fully in praising and adoring God.

The ministry is open to all individuals who have a heart for worship and a desire to serve God through music. They offer opportunities for talented musicians, singers, and technicians to get involved and use their gifts to glorify God.

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